October 23, 2020

Collaborate with Your Students Remotely Using ProLS Online Classes Integration

The idea of online classes has been emerging globally in the light of the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Many schools, colleges and universities have moved their classes and examination schedules online and some of the third party test conducting bodies have also adopted the online platforms to arrange and organize the examinations on behalf of the institutions. In this way, the global pandemic of Covid-19 has altered the accepted practices in academics and has forced these institutions and training organizations to move the systems of teaching and training from physical classrooms to online platforms.

In the light of current global situation, remote teaching and learning is gaining popularity every day. It is opening doors for huge opportunities of increased and effective learning outside the conventional classrooms. However, as much as it sounds promising, the organization and arrangement of robust online classroom platforms still has a lot of challenges which are unique in their nature since this is the effect of a global pandemic which rained over the world unannounced.

ProLS Learning Solutions is dedicated to offer customized online learning models to schools, colleges, academies, universities and other training institutes that are best suited to their needs and educational structure. This text will cover the major benefits of moving your system to online platforms and will also discuss the activities that can be undertaken using the ProLS learning management system.

Crucial Benefits of Implementing ProLS Learning Management System

  • Using ProLS Online Classrooms, one can create engaging and dynamic multimedia course materials for a conducive learning environment remotely.
  • The delivery of live classes can be ensured along with the recording of the very classes that can be subsequently used for follow-ups or revision purposes at the end of a term.
  • Students and learners can benefit themselves from an interactive learning environment that is vital for the understanding and concept building of the students.
  • Quick and robust communication with the registered online students using one of the many communication channels including chat boxes, classroom discussion boards, dedicated forums or direct communication with the instructors and trainers.
  • Effective time management can be ensured since the lectures are conducted remotely so the travel time can be saved and one can focus on the learning modules better. Apart from this, the online classes can also be recorded at the discretion of the administrator that can later be used offline for learning purposes by registered users.

Now let us discuss how one can move their classes and training modules online and collaborate with the students and learners remotely using ProLS learning management system.

Devise an online lecture outline

Prior to scheduling and initiating an online lecture, the instructor needs to devise his/her online lesson plans for a smooth and directional delivery of the course contents. It can contain the list of topics that you plan to cover in a certain lecture. It can also contain the reference material and additional material that you believe can benefit the students and share with them at the end of the lecture. Nevertheless, if it is your first experience with online classes and you are not very sure about creating the online lesson plans, then you can always use our online course builder to quickly and efficiently create your online courses without any technical obstruction.

Schedule your Online Classes

Once you have structured your online course, you are now set to schedule your online classes with ProLS integrated Virtual Classroom feature of ProLS LMS. You can use the below mentioned steps to schedule your online classes with ProLS Learning Management Solutions.

  • Click on "Schedule a Live Class" under Teach menu.
  • After that, the class scheduler will open where the administrator or instructor can select the relevant data center closer to the users’ geographic location for optimized performance.
  • Submit the other required field blocks like title, date, time zone etc. and then click schedule and continue.

After the given information is filled in the respective fields, the course instructor can then initiate the live classes at the dedicated time. The scheduled classes can also be set to recurring mode whereby a certain class would recur on certain days automatically.

Once the classes have been scheduled to go live, then the instructor can invite participants to attend the very classes within the time frame being set during the scheduling of the classes. In order to invite the participants, go to manage live classes and click “invite by email” and then enter the email addresses of the students that you prefer to invite and then click send button. The selected participants will need to click on the link available in the meeting invite email in their inboxes.

Manage your online classes

By this point you are all set to conduct interactive and engaging online classrooms for a positive learning gradient that is essential for the growth and development of the students. Some of the other features that you can use in your virtual classrooms include:

  • Screen Share option for a better visualization based learning and training of the registered users and students. It also enables the instructors to share or display the before-hand prepared learning material to save time of the online classes.
  • Breakout Rooms can be set up whereby small group of students within the same classrooms can be established for classroom activities like group-assignments, quizzes, projects and many other classroom socials.
  • Whiteboard integration lets you use a wide range of features similar to those of a physical whiteboard and enables you to write, draw or even play various multimedia for enhanced learning experience.
  • Chat Boxes in every classroom enable the attendees of the very classroom to interact with each other on a single unified channel. This is a helpful tool especially for the instructors and trainers since answering the question of a single student can clear the doubts in many students’ minds.

If you are looking forward to moving your classes online, then you can contact us on any of the channels provided and one of our representatives will arrange a demo presentation for further details as required.

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