October 22, 2020

5 Essential Tips to Structure an Effective Online Course on ProLS

The digital revolution has been continually extending around the world with new and innovative marvels being launched each and every day. Online education or eLearning is one of these marvels that has made its way into the educational sector and forever changed the course of learning for both the students as well as teachers and instructors. The physical classrooms have been replaced with virtual and augmented reality classrooms equipped with all the tools to create a horizon of digital learning. The students and instructors do not have to rely on physical classrooms anymore for their academic activities. The instructors structure and organize their courses in a conducive fashion to make the courses effective and self-explanatory. The students, on the other hand, subscribe to these courses to satiate their knowledge and skillset and excel in their respective fields. In this way, there is a whole monetization and its circulation especially for the instructors and trainers when it comes to eLearning platforms. However, there is an approach to structure your courses in certain ways to render them effective for the concerned learners and ensure the monetization factor as well. If you master the art of generating money from your lectures online, then you can easily earn a handsome amount of money every month without having to put efforts to teach the same content over and over again since recorded videos do the job and all you have to do is to respond to students’ questions and keep your online presence on discussion forums to answer the ambiguities of the students, and learners.

Here, we will discuss how to create, devise and organize the online learning courses to increase their effectiveness and enable it to stand out in the listed course offers from a number of instructors and trainers to generate good money out of it. Unlike conventional course builder techniques that require the knowledge and use of software design and development, ProLS offers simple and easy course builder options with advance tools to increase their productivity. Essentially, ProLS makes the lives of trainers and instructors easy by taking up the hard work of designing the courses for better productivity. Discussed below are the primary but essential checkmarks to take care of when it comes to building an effective online course.

  1. Selection of the course title to offer

 The title or topic of the course is as essential as the course itself when it comes to the marketing of the course. There are countless courses offered over the same topic but the selection of an interesting or thought-provoking title is what ensures monetization out of your offered online course. The brevity of the title attracts just the right audience with a sheer passion to actually learn from your course. The title shall also correspond to the content offered in the course.  If a user subscribes to your course based on the course title, the chances are that he/she will cancel the subscription if they find the course content to varying from the topic of the course which shall serve as the centralized knowledge domain for the offered course.

  • Market Research

Make sure to have some authentication that your course is well-demanded out there in the market. Organizing and selling a course online in which you excel and which is among the top learning modules can generate the instructors and trainers sufficiently more money than they ever get paid at an ordinary academic institution. The reason being the fact that the trainer is selling his/her course to aspirants ranging from multiple countries and there is no constraint of geographical borders or any other scrutiny that may have been applied if otherwise being opted to study as an international student. All you have to do is to analyse which course you are good at and have the passion to pursue ahead with that particular course and excel it. Pick a course with a high market interest value or customer demand or the one with limited high-quality courses available prior to yours so that your course be loved and referred to by everyone who signs up for it before.

  • Map your course outline

After you have analysed the market trends with regards to the current demand and availability of the course that you are going to offer and have also narrowed down the title/topic of your course to be offered, then you need to outline your online course. This is critically important since there are multiple learning levels of the same topic and one can get confused about what level of learning you are providing for that particular course e.g. introduction 101 courses and advanced learning system based courses cannot be completely distinguished in the absence of the course outlines and interested candidates may be misguided or may not feel interested towards the courses offered owing to the vague navigation or course outline structured. Course outlines not only organize your lecture content but also increases the clarity of the lecture content available.

  • Collect your outsourced learning/teaching content before recording your content

Since the recorded lectures have to be maintained in a seamless fashion thereby care must be taken to make sure that this lecture content and associated reference material is simultaneously available to ensure the smooth recording of the lectures and trainings. This content organization has to be ensured with sheer motivation of continual learning and it is also time saving along with added effectiveness that comes with recording the online lectures.

  • Visually compelling design

This is more or less the latest marketing function for selling your courses online. One of the best methods to increase the viewership of any certain course is to make it visually interactive, proactive and compelling to deliver just the right type of knowledge being expected by the registered users. It also helps to retain this knowledge for a longer period of time relatively.

ProLS is an integrated platform for learning management systems to build and maintain any number of online courses and training modules. All you have to do is generate the content for the respective training module and ProLS will help you generate leads out of it.

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