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  • 10 Convenient Benefits Offered by ProLS whiteboard integration
    There are numerous benefits of ProLS whiteboard integration that will e discussed in detail in this blog. The progression of digitalization is marked with significant changes in the everyday lifestyle of developed communities. Just like a number of drastic improvisations in all other fields, the world has observed a major technological boom in the field […]
  • 4 Benefits of Using LMS for Training Modules in Nonprofit Organizations
    The importance of effective in-house LMS training for nonprofit organizations almost as crucial as that of the revenue-based companies. In fact, a nonprofit organization has employees ranging from a wide diversity on the basis of their skillset and other demographic variations. Regardless of the nature of their jobs and roles within the organization, everyone from […]
  • 4 Salient Features of Learning Management Systems
    With the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 corona-virus, all the educators are shifting from conventional to online learning management systems. Due to this pandemic, a number of these institutions have been temporarily closed and are relying on online Learning Management Systems. An LMS is essentially any learning strategy that does not require the need of […]
  • 5 Essential Tips to Structure an Effective Online Course on ProLS
    The digital revolution has been continually extending around the world with new and innovative marvels being launched each and every day. Online courses or eLearning is one of these marvels that has made its way into the educational sector and forever changed the course of learning for both the students as well as teachers and […]
  • 6 Important Benefits of Using ProLS LMS for Your Corporate Needs
    The training and growth are the fundamentals for any developing company irrespective of the other underlying factors. Companies of different sizes and resources demand LMS training for their existing and prospective employees. An employee with just the right knowledge, skillset, and relevant training becomes a valuable asset for the company. Hence, there is an essential […]
  • An LMS offers internal organizational training to promote employees
    It is a matter of crucial importance for any organization to retain and keep intact their new but potential employees and optimize their training modules so that the organizational workflow culture can be maintained. However, it is not as simple as it seems and many organizations fail to do so since their employee onboarding system […]
  • Collaborate with Your Students Remotely Using ProLS Online Classes Integration
    The idea of online classes has been emerging globally in the light of the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Many schools, colleges and universities have moved their classes and examination schedules online and some of the third party test conducting bodies have also adopted the online platforms to arrange and organize the examinations on behalf of the […]
  • Easy Automation of Employee On-boarding System to Boost the Outcomes
    Automation of employee On-boarding is one of the vital processes to empower your employees. ProLS is an effective online learning management system whereby you can enrol yourself as a student, learner, trainer, instructor, employee or administrator to either gain vital knowledge and skills to upgrade your professional or business profile or if you are on […]
  • LMS and its 5 Most Important Benefits
    Virtual learning management systems or simply LMS have revolutionized the course of learning journeys at all levels. Unlike the conventional approach of training and teaching by conducting physical classroom sessions, e-learning has created a breakthrough by offering customized training courses to a wide range of individuals ranging from high school students to corporate employees. An […]
  • Security and Data Privacy of the Learners Made Easy with ProLS
    Many of the corporate and multi-national companies prefer to keep the sanctity of the content of their training modules private. In other words, data privacy is of vital importance. It means that even though they hire a third party service provider to host and set up the learning management system for their company, the content […]
  • What is an Effective Learning Management System?
    This is a complete functional guide to understand how the Learning Management System (LMS) works. Every growing and developing organization has a lot to train their employees with and in order to achieve the milestones, they require a high-functioning online learning management system whereby they can subscribe to the requisite courses and certifications offered by […]

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