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PRO-LMS Empowers Dynamic eLearning, Monetization, and Administration of Your Courses!


All-in-one Course Management System

Intuitive Course Builder
Create engaging courses in a snap with the most impactful course builder.
Advanced Quiz Options
A powerful quiz creator with 10 question types, manual reviews, quiz timers and so much more!
Multiple Instructors
Add as many instructors as you wish for all your courses.
Course Prerequisites
Include course prerequisites flexibly to get the right target students.
Reward your students with beautifully designed custom awards.
Live WhiteBoard 
Make your student more engaged by empowering them with creative whiteboard and concurrent classes. 
Live Classes 
Make your student more engaged by empowering them with live meetings.  

Quiz Creator

10 Question Patterns
There are 10 unique question types that make quizzes extremely challenging & fun for students while being easy to grade.
Set Quiz Timers & Quiz Attempts
Define how long students can take to complete a specific question or the entire quiz.
Quiz Attempts Overview
Grade and review open-ended answers and the entire question sets for each student.
Results Overview
For predefined answers, Tutor generates automated results. For answers that need reviewing, results auto-update after teachers enter it.
Advanced Quiz Settings
A variety of useful quiz options such as grading method, time expiration rules and a lot more with Tutor advanced quiz options can enhance your LMS like never before.

Administration Options

Powerful Analytics
Manage students' and instructors' profiles directly from the admin panel.
Manage Reviews
Supervise course reviews from students to approve or delete certain reviews.
Email Notifications
Stay connected with students, teachers and customize email notifications.
Q&A Section
Create a dedicated platform where students can comment, interact and ask questions.
Lesson Timers
Set the time for each lesson and course duration for your students.

Advanced Quizzes Features

Intelligent Quiz Creator

The rich quiz creation options in ProLS enable you to select question patterns, set time limits, and much more.

Image Matching

A visual way to analyze students' skills. Include images that students can creatively match to answers. This impactful quiz type helps students improve the visual concept of a topic.

Image Answering

Incorporate visuals into conventional answers. In this unique question pattern, students get to choose an image as the correct answer.


Matching is a great way to judge student perception. Quiz takers can visually drag & drop the correct answer and match them to the correct option.


Orderliness is engaging for students while being easy to grade. In this visually compelling question pattern, students drag the correct option and place them in the right order.

Dashboard Features

Course Statistics

A complete overview with advanced filters for courses enrolled, reviews, and quiz attempts of students to plan & further modify your learning materials.

Front-end Student Dashboard

Students can track their progress easily from the dashboard. They can check out their active courses, completed courses, and much more from the panel.

Certificates Facility

Award Certificates

Offer professionally designed certificates to your students upon course completion. You can develop your custom certificates too.

Students Forum

Student Forum

Students can easily ask questions or submit comments to instructors about any course. Encourage student interactions by asking them to submit their questions on the forum.


Limitless Creative
Data Export
ProLS Area
Member Approval
Easy Setup
E- Commerce Tracking
Unlimited Creative
Teacher Commission
Advanced Quiz Creator
Extensive Course Builder
E- Commerce Functionality
Cloud Hosting  
& So much more

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