September 10, 2020

What is a Learning Management System?

This is a complete functional guide to understand how the Learning Management System (LMS) works. Every growing and developing organization has a lot to train their employees with and in order to achieve the milestones, they require a high-functioning online learning management system whereby they can subscribe to the requisite courses and certifications offered by professional trainers or training organizations. LMS serves the best purpose for these training organizations. These systems let you create and organize a course, manage the enrollments, addition or cancellation of any registration, manage the assessments by a variety of assessing tools such as time based online quizzes or assignments. One can also create and organize various reports or case studies as part of any course. These are the primary reasons that a Learning Management System is best suited for such trainers or organizations looking for such solutions.

What is LMS?

Learning Management System is a modern and essentially virtual platform to incorporate the contemporary training requirements of various organizations and makes it accessible remotely. It helps the training organizations to streamline the entire process from the creation of any course to its final delivery. A Learning Management System is a robust and fail-proof platform to create, develop, organize and manage a countless number of course modules, learning material, assessments, evaluations and certificates. The attraction of this modern learning system is that the trainer does not have to deliver the same content over and over again since one can always record his/her lectures in LMS for future correspondence. At the same time, it captures the learners owing to its limitless accessibility since one can access his/her registered courses from anywhere in the world for all that matters. The new Learning Management System integrated with virtual and augmented reality has changed the course of the journey for both the trainers and instructors as well as students and learners. It is time-saving, it is cost-effective and most importantly, it is virtual – No classrooms needed.

Speaking of its diversity, an LMS can contain each and every level of learning be it high school courses or be it high-profile organizational learning methods that cannot be publicized. Not only does an LMS offer cloud storage but it also protects the privacy and copyrights of your data from any leakage or discrepancy. As far as its storage or more like hosting is concerned, this platform can be either hosted on the internal server or can be on the cloud hosting. It is remarkable since it makes it an ever-growing tool compatible with the latest technologies out there. We at ProLs have developed the complete customizable Learning Management System which has the provision for countless integrations to deal with the latest technologies. It incorporates all the upgrades and modifications over time which makes it an evergreen and robust learning management system. Our LMS is being widely used by staffing organizations, training institutions, corporates, and educational institutions to promote learning and development among their employees. Technological advancement in the past few years has definitely helped in the evolvement of the Learning Management System and its acceptability among the people.

Features of ProLS LMS

Although there is a wide range of LMSs available in the market with unique selling features, we at ProLS feel immense pleasure to integrate all the features under one platform and offer a one-of-a-kind Learning Management System.

Sign-up After providing a brief outlook to any course or training module, the user is required to sign up through the most flexible process for anyone to get onboard with their eLearning curriculum.

Online Attendance Our LMS has the capability for marking the digital attendance of the enrolled aspirants by sending the invitations and then measuring the attendance of the users.

Course Creation A trainer has the limitless options to create and organize his/her courses in compliance with the delivery requirements of any course.

Course Planner After you have successfully created and devised the contents of your course, you can create a timetable for your course by setting a course schedule, sending out invites to people, setting the deadlines for submission of assessments and reports and conduct the tests to measure the effectiveness of your course.

Accessibility It has the capability to manage and deliver the course content through various modes like Desktop, tablet and mobile phones can work well for any organization.

Social forums You can create forums for your course whereby the registered users can participate in a one-to-many interactive environment and discuss their queries collectively.

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