September 10, 2020

Essential features of Learning Management Systems

In order to cope with the unforeseen circumstances associated with the spread of the COVID-19 corona-virus, all the schools and other educational and vocational training institutions are shifting from conventional to the online learning systems. Due to this pandemic, a number of these institutions have been temporarily closed and are relying on online Learning Management Systems. An LMS is essentially any learning strategy that does not require the need of conducting and maintaining physical classrooms. Governments and other state departments are encouraging to promote online classrooms and training modules in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19. While there are countless essentials when it comes to pin-point the best learning management system which is integrated with all the features which are a pre-requisite to any effective online training module regardless of the level of training ranging from school level courses to vocational training to promote skilled workers. Mentioned below are some of the crucial features of any Learning Management System to be truly effective in its purpose.

Diversity and Customization

When it comes to effective learning outcomes, the methodology is almost as important as the deliverables. The learning or understanding capability varies from person to person. Not all the students grasp a single concept using a unified teaching methodology. Some learn by reading, some learn by listening and yet others learn by writing about it. A diverse learning management system shall contain the provision to allow the instructors to create their courses for all these learning types. Video lectures, audios, pdf documents and presentations, case studies and recorded webinars are among a few teaching approaches to make an LMS flexible for all.

An effective learning management system shall always be flexible in its organizational properties and permissions should be given to the trainers and professionals to create, organize and manage the content of the training material. A perfect Learning Management System offers a wide range of customizations for the administrators to structure their courses in the best relevant ways to increase ease of learning outcomes from any particular training module.

Social Forums

Since these online learning platforms are meant to provide a substitute for conventional learning, therefore an effective online learning management system shall ensure the continuity of the advantages which the students and learners could entertain themselves with from a conventional learning platform. One of the most important benefits of those physical classrooms is the integration of real-time discussion among all the students or aspirants to involve everyone in the discussion. This strategy answers the questions of individuals but benefits the entire audience present. In order to maintain this discussion-based learning, online learning platforms are integrated with interactive chat boxes the audience of which can be controlled by the administrator of the course. These interactive social platforms let the enrolled users ask questions and discuss the key learning outcomes of any course in a diversified manner.

Testing and Evaluation

Flexible testing and evaluation schemes are very important to track the progress of the students enrolled in any program. This evaluation system also enables the course providers to project the effectiveness of their course content based on the results of the assessments. A perfect Learning Management System offers a wide range of assessment methods such as general quizzes, multiple-choice questions, or case-study based evaluation criteria. All such evaluation options enable the administrators as well as the enrolled students to have just the right idea about the track of their progress into the course at any given time.

Interactive Digital Whiteboard

An interactive digital whiteboard is the staple of any online classroom that supports drawing tool, LaTEX mathematical equations, draw shapes & symbols, save snapshots, and share documents in multiple tabs. These platforms support both the voice as well as video calls for a better interactive session and effective learning outcomes. Multi-screen sharing enables the instructor to monitor and address individual concerns and troubles being faced by students. Content on digital whiteboards can be colour-coded to highlight and prioritize some data over the other. It lets the instructor emphasize important points easily. The screen recording option lets the users get back to the lectures at any point in time when they feel the need to revise them without any conventional hassle of taking an appointment with the professor. A live chatbox on the sideline of a digital whiteboard permits the participants of any lecture to have a real-time community discussion over the topic and register their questions.

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