September 10, 2020

Benefits of using ProLS whiteboard integration

The progression of digitalization is marked with significant changes in the everyday lifestyle of developed communities. Just like a number of drastic improvisations in all other fields, the world has observed a major technological boom in the field of education as well on all the levels of education. Unlike the conventional approach of attending a class in a physical space, people have moved to prefer online classes with almost as many opportunities to learn and grow as ever. Online education platforms, often known as Learning Management Systems LMSs, offer a wide range of learning opportunities with an uncountable number of courses. There is no limit to the number of courses you can enrol in. The only limit is how hard you yearn to grasp all this knowledge. An online learning management system eliminates the principal barrier and offers the users all the access to the content from all over the world and that too through a single dashboard.

 A completely customizable dashboard offers the users to enrol and track the progress of their registered courses for better mapping of their status with the proceedings of any course. And the catch here is that these learning management systems are not only limited to any particular level of education. Starting from high school courses, one can register for any technical learning module or any other training class such as in-house organizational pieces of training for the onboarding employees. Although there are a number of features ProLS offers on its learning management system, we will highlight some of the major features of this platform which are essential for any online learning platform such as live classes and interactive whiteboard. So let’s start with the whiteboard features of ProLS.

Whiteboards in a traditional classroom have been the main point of interaction between the instructors and aspirants and the same goes true for the virtual eLearning platforms as well. Digital whiteboards are integrated with instant messaging, chat and conferencing features which allow for the aspirants to be entertained within an interactive virtual classroom whereby all the queries of the enrolled users can be addressed in real-time much like they are answered in a conventional classroom. An interactive whiteboard session allows the students to actively participate in the learning journey and grasp an in-depth knowledge and command over a particular learning domain. The whiteboard feature of ProLS enables the instructor to not only demonstrate the impromptu data in writing for the learners but also allows them to enter dedicated formulas and special characters for a better and clear understanding of the enrolled students. It allows the users to create and edit the text or graphics already there on the whiteboard to increase the degree of participation. This type of collaborative learning is one of the best methods for creating a synchronous eLearning environment. The instructor has the liberty to limit the number of students for any online session depending upon the nature of the learning module or registrations. He/she can admit or exit any particular user from an online classroom and in this way, the decorum of the module can be maintained effectively.

ProLS whiteboard extension is one of the most crucial and vital elements of an effective learning management system since virtual learning is not simply about displaying the content with a voice in the background explaining it. Instead, ProLS virtual learning platform offers complete integration of conventional as well as contemporary teaching technologies to take the learning gradient of aspirants over the horizons. In order to achieve this, ProLS LMS comes with a default interactive whiteboard. This digital board allows the instructor to draw freestyle hand-drawn graphics and objects for a better demonstration of the theories. Apart from free-hand graphics, it also supports drawing tools for clearer and time-saving graphics. For instance, one can draw various shapes and symbols such as arrows, lines, pyramids and polygons to create multi-relationship or web diagrams representing connections say between a, b and c factors. This kind of dynamics makes it easy to deliver any type of creative and educational training online. Additionally, the distinction of content on a whiteboard can be achieved by using different colour markers and pointers to distinguish among the confusing or important text. “Colour offers an instantaneous method for conveying meaning and message without words.”

Even when it comes to generating complex mathematical formulae during a lecture, ProLS whiteboard supports it all using the LaTEX math equations tool. One can also save the snapshots of the whiteboard at any moment to save the content for future study or correspondence. It also enables the instructor or trainer to display or share various documents in multiple tabs which is not only time saving but this spontaneous availability of content boosts the understanding of the students or trainees in any enrolled course of their interest. Not just for the students but this multi-tab content display makes it feasible for the instructor to have full control over displaying his presentations and supporting documents all in one place, the whiteboard. The multi-screen sharing option allows the trainers and instructors to monitor the screens of the students in real-time and identify any mistakes/errors the students might be doing. The instructor can easily switch between multiple screens that are colour coded for identification. Since the ground principle or root idea behind online learning management systems is to remove the barriers of time and space to let everyone gain knowledge irrespective of the demographics, the user interface can be customized for language preferences of over 50 human translated languages. It increases the effectiveness of an LMS and extends the domain of learning modules worldwide.

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