Who We are ?

A team of passionate friends who is striving to place a mark on the internet market. We are working hard to provide our valuable users with the best solutions that will help them deliver their message to their end-users in a structured and professional manner. ProLS is an online learning solution that has all capabilities of learning and training platforms. ProLS is originally owned and powered by Consult 2 Manage, which is an Australia based Digital Marketing solution provider. The idea of ProLS originated after dealing with clients and understanding their need of conducting professional trainings. The best thing about ProLS is that it’s highly flexible and expandable. It is hosted on cloud servers with easy-to-handle interfaces. The factor which makes ProLS stand out is the deep data learning and marketing package that it comes with. The marketing tool empowers the admin to see what and when the course was accessed, which courses are good. ProLS is a complete customization solution just built to expand and grow your learning business to new horizons.

Why Choose ProLS ?

ProLS is the future of rapidly implemented training for the customer-focused enterprises. The solution combines a powerful LMS-ProLS Training with a robust course library ProLS Training Content tool. It enables targeted learning, boosts employee experience and loyalty, and protects the brand by keeping the organization compliant. By engaging learners right in the flow of work, ProLS empower personnel with the knowledge that drives better customer experience, improving KPIs across the enterprise.
Robust analytics & reporting
Fast user on boarding
Simple integration & quick deployment
Epic engagement & adoption
 Universal accessibility
 Bulletproof security & quick scalability
 Universal Tracking and Cookies compliance
 Easy course creation & off-the-shelf content
 Backed and trusted by user data policy
 Simple integration & quick deployment

Meet Our Team

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